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Graham Senior

Graham Senior

Sadly, Graham passed away in 2018 and is very much missed by everyone at Apollo, so much so that we don’t feel comfortable taking him off the website as he’s still very much an integral part of the company and someone we talk about on a daily basis.

We all have fond memories of Graham, but this is what some of his colleagues thought about him:

Matt Landman- For me it would be his infectious laugh, his love of biking and his family. Also, the luminous biking outfits he’d turn up to work in standout! And the fact he was a lovely guy.’

Lorraine Robinson- ‘Big loud contagious laugh and a wicked heavily laden with inuendo sense of humour. I miss him!!!’

Paul Growns- He loved his dog!’

Matt Ireland- ‘I definitely remember the lycra! Graham was such a character and is greatly missed’

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